In my opinion the necklace is the most important form of jewellery with, on the one hand, its strong connection to the body, and on the other, its relatively undisturbed position on the body and I often compare the necklace to a tattoo in these respects. The body offers few ideal areas on which to frame a piece of art but the chest/neck/back has few rivals.

A necklace by definition moves around the neck and in that movement arises an interesting dilemma in the balance between front and back. It’s important for me that the piece is visually consistent independent of from which angle it is viewed.

I build each piece as a collage where the component parts are connected in accordance to the visual and practical nessecities that function and form demands. This also allows me to edit out forms to be used in simplified versions. The necklace itself then becomes a metaphor for the process of creating it and the representation of a chain of thoughts.


Halsband, menar jag, är den mest intressanta formen av smycken med sitt, å ena sidan starka samband till kroppen, å andra sidan sin relativt ostörda placering. Jag brukar jämföra det med tatueringar. Kroppen har ju så få lämpliga ”ramar” för konsten, men bröstet är en yta där smycket får vara relativt ostört och därmed kan jag ta ut svängarna.

Eftersom ett halssmycke rör sig runt halsen uppstår också en intressant problematik i fram- och baksida, där det är viktigt för mig att smycket håller ihop som en form oavsett vilken vy men ser det ifrån.

Ofta bygger jag mina större halssmycken som kollage där formerna länkas ihop på olika sätt. Det i sin tur gör att jag hela tiden hittar former som jag kan lyfta ut och arbeta med i enklare smycken, kanske som ett hänge på en kedja. Utvecklingen blir därmed som smycket självt en kedja där mina tankar hela tiden länkar vidare.

Purchase information

If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, you are most welcome to get in touch HERE.

I can then guide you through the ordering process and explain your options before offering a quote in your local currency. I ship insured with DHL or UPS (at reasonable prices).

2020, Lemon quarts, sweat water pearls, moss agate, jaspis, rock crystal and silver
6 200 SEK
2020, Silver, emeralds and aventurine
5 800 SEK
2020, Gold and different stones/pearls
Price on request
2020, Silver and smoky quarts (also available with rose quarts, rock crystal and onyx)
2 800 SEK
2020, Silver and lemon quarts
1 900 SEK
2019, Silver and mixed stones
4 500 SEK
2019, Smoky quarts, silver, lemon quarts, rock crystal and sweat water pearl
3 500 SEK, SOLD
2019, Wood, lava stone, agate and silver
8 100 SEK
2019, Gilt silver chain, silver and rose quarts
3 100 SEK
2019, Gilt silver chain, silver and mixed stones
3 100 SEK
2019, Silver, sandstone, onyx and jaspis
8 000 SEK
2019, Silver and mixed stones
6 000 SEK
2019, Silver, moon stone, sweat water pearls, rose quarts and smokey quarts
8 500 SEK
MLS 18:13
2018, Onyx, black spinells, silver and plexi glass
7 800 SEK, SOLD
MLS 18:14
2018, Moon stone, marbel, silver and plexi glass
7 800 SEK
MLS 18:15
2018, Mixed stones and silver
8 800 SEK
MLS 18:11
2018, Wood, moon stone and quarts
9 100 SEK, SOLD
MLS 18:12
2018, Fresh water pearls, silver, mixed stones and snail shell
21 000 SEK
MLS 18:8
2018, Onyx, smokey quarts, agates, agatdrus and silver
11 200 SEK, SOLD
MLS 18:9
2018, Moon stone, silver, smokey quarts, pink quarts and plexi glas
9 800 SEK
MLS 18:10
2018, Wood, rutile quartz, moss agate, smokey quarts and silver
11 500 SEK
MLS 18:2
2018, Silver, sandstone and agate
12 500 SEK
MLS 18:1
2018, Silver, jaspis, agate, gold and smokey quarts
17 200 SEK
MLS 18:7
2018, Silver, wood, lemon quarts, agates and kalcedon
15 000 SEK
MLS 18:6
2018, Plastic, lepidokrosit, silver and red agate
9 600 SEK
Crown Jewels 17:2
2017, Silver, onyx, agate, aventurine and smokey quarts
14 500 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels 17:11
2017, Silver, agates, wood, beryls, smokey quarts, rose quarts and mixed stones
18 900 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels 17:4
2017, Silver, quarts and moss agate
14 500 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels 17:3
2017, Silver, moss agates and enamel
15 100 SEK
Crown Jewels 17:5
2017, Sweet water pearls, rodokrosit, marble, silver, rutile quarts and expanded foam
12 900 SEK
Crown Jewels 17:8
2017, Jasmonite, silver, smokey quarts, lemon quarts and quarts
10 800 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels 17:6
2017, Lemon quarts, silver, agates and kalcedon
9 000 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels 17:9
2017, Silver, wood, petrified wood, onyx and black spinels
13 800 SEK
Crown Jewels 17:1
2017, Silver, agates, phrenit, kalcedon, jaspis, moss agate, quarts and serpentin
18 500 SEK
2016, Sawn silver necklace with ball chain, agate, serpentin and amazonit
6 900 SEK
Body Armour #4
2016, Silver, agate, aventurin, carneol, emerald and serpentin
17 200 SEK
Body Armour #3
2016, Silver, agate, phrenit, moss agate, serpentin, sand stone and iaspis
17 500 SEK, SOLD
2016, Apatite, painted wood, krysopras, silver and lemon quarts
3 600 SEK
2016, Silver and citrine
7 500 SEK
2016, Silver, moon stone and fluorite
7 500 SEK, SOLD
Body Armour #2
2016, Silver, lemon quarts, juniper, onyx, sand stone and iaspis
21 000 SEK, SOLD
2015, Silver, agates, sand stone, iaspis and moon stone
15 800 SEK, SOLD
2015, Silver and agates
14 500 SEK, SOLD
2015, Silver and mixed stones
6 900 SEK
2015, Silver, agates and hesonite granates
6 100 SEK
2015, Silver and smokey quarts
4 200 SEK
Body Armour #1
2015, Silver, agate and stalactite agate
23 000 SEK
2015, Silver and lemon quarts
16 500 SEK
2015, Silver, smokey quarts and rock crystal
6 900 SEK, SOLD
2014, Rutile quarts and silver
3 900 SEK
2014, Smokey quarts and silver
3 500 SEK
2014, Silver, moon stone, agate and serpentin
8 200 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #11
2014, Silver, quarts, rose quarts, wood, sand stone and lemon quarts
24 000 SEK, SOLD
2014, Plastic with print, mixed stones and silver chain
7 500 SEK, SOLD
2014, Silver and agates
17 000 SEK, SOLD
2013, Silver and agates
18 600 SEK, SOLD
2013, Silver, lemon quarts, wood and aquamarine
16 200 SEK, SOLD
2013, Silver and lemon quarts
8 200 SEK, SOLD
2012, silver, smokey quarts and enamel
9 000 SEK, SOLD
2012, Silver and mixed stones
11 000 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #9
2011, Silver and pink quarts
13 900 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #7
2011, Agates, moss agates, wood and silver
18 500 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #8
2011, Sapphires, silver, agates and moon stone
17 500 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #6
2010, Silver, moss agates, agate and paint
17 500 SEK, SOLD
2010, Handmade silver chain, silver and wood
8 200 SEK, SOLD
2010, Silver, moss agates and steel
6 500 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #5
2010, Sawn silver and ball chain in silver
19 000 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #4
2009, Silver and agates
18 200 SEK, SOLD
Lost stones
2008, Silver and oxidised chain
11 000 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #2
2008, Silver, agates and cellulose
14 500 SEK, SOLD
Crown Jewels #1
2008, Silver ball chain, agates and wire
16 000 SEK, SOLD