Åsa has been making jewellery for me since the 90’s and what she makes is always wonderful. Her ideas and creativity in dealing with the stones or pearls I turn up with has always resulted in innovative and endlessly beautiful jewellery that I alone have the pleasure of wearing. She created the jewellery I wore at my wedding with only the shade of pink of my wedding dress as a pointer and I live with the work that was made for me, on me, year after year. Especially the ring with my mothers old diamond…

I don’t know of anything that can lift an outfit like a piece from Åsa Lockner can! 


We ordered our wedding bands from Åsa and throughout the process she guided us as gave us advice.

With her input the final pieces of jewellery reflected our personalities as well as being very much her design.

It feels right to wear such a special ring every day, and an extra plus for her willingness to give us maximum value within our budget by presenting alternatives when it came to questions like material, stones and settings.

/Kristin & Andreas