7/5 – 15/6 2020
Galleri Sebastian Schildt
Stockholm, Sweden

My day to day routine has not been overly effected by the spread of the pandemic. Life in the Swedish countryside is socially distant even under normal circumstances and working and living in the same building heightens that sensation of cocooning. I have however come to reflect over how close to ourselves we have become. Not just because we are more separated and alone, but also the perspective of others appear to reflect a growing contrast and increasing devision. Our obvious desire to be individuals together clashes with our individual selfishness as we try to do what’s right, we’re all in this together…right?

The brooch is a representation of the self and the rays are the impact and dependancies we have on others. That our profession is reliant on a sense of security in our audience is thrown into sharp relief in these days of uncertainty when most are happy with the necessities and concept of luxury is in a state of flux, I miss my outward connections, my context and clients. Getting through Covid19 is dependent on knowing there is something on the other side….

Hello! Is there anybody out there?

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Brooch "O"
Silver, 2020
Brooch "X"
Silver, 2020