"Beauty changes, breaks down and is reborn. Perfection can no longer be believed in. The 20th century Scandinavian dream of the perfect land with ergonomic seating, super-sonic aeroplanes, the pill and shatter-proof porcelain has eroded and evaporated.
Åsa Lockners art does not require perfection from the wearer, on the contrary her jewellery relates to the body, protecting it and says that change is as it should be, that mortality is beautiful"

Since achieving my M.F A from Konstfack in Stockholm in 1999 I have dedicated most of my time to working with unique, one-off jewellery pieces for exhibition, private customers and collectors. During this time an increasing interest in my work has seen the evolution of several jewellery collections that are in a continuous state of development and produced on a small scale.

I produce work and meet clients at my studio showroom MADE BY: in Birkastan, Stockholm.