"Views of Order" is a reflection on differing aspects of order.

In a series of jewellery pieces I have depicted contrasting ideas of perceived political, social and cultural order. The idea for this project comes in part from journeying to countries where limited freedom of speech and other forms of restriction are an everyday fact of life. In recent visits to China, Laos, Belarus and Kaliningrad, I have experienced the all-pervasive quality of dictatorial order. These are countries where the basic freedoms that we take for granted are vigorously repressed.

What I didn’t expect was the absence of individual expression, downtown Minsk for example, is the most homogenous of capitals, lacking in everything we would expect to be generated by the inhabitants of a large city. Litter, congestion, graffiti, noise, sub-culture, the list of missing components is long in a society where all forms of dissent are quickly purged.

I use my personal need for order as a tool to maintain control in my private life. When I find myself in situations of heightened stress my desire for order increases. I compensate for stress and the sense of losing control by organizing papers from work into files, a form of control therapy that never fails to leave me with a feeling of satisfaction.

sculptural object-porcelain, silver